Tetris on Those Portable Credit Card Machines

This is a video of someone who hacked one of those portable credit card processors. I see these all the time at computer shows but the reception is bad on them so the vendors have to run outside of the convention hall to process credit card purchases.

Anyway, someone hacked them so that they could play Tetris on it. Here is the link to the article about it. Link

Xbox 360, Watercooled

HardOCP claims taht they are the first people to watercool their Xbox 360. While I know that they are not the first, they did give a detailed article of the process of watercooling the Xbox 360. The finished product looks pretty good. The temperature of the back of the motherboard with stock cooling was around 151°F, but they were able to cool it to 101°F. I didn’t see if they had numbers about performance gains but with 50° cooling, it should make a noticeable difference in performance.

DDR for Your Calculator

DDR for your calculatorxLIB xLIB Revolution is a clone of the Dance Dance Revolution game using xLIB flash APP by Patrick Prendergast (hence the name). Unlike most other calculator clones this one features crazy graphics and run pretty fast. It also includes a level editor that will allow infinite possibilities for the game. You can even have background images in songs or even animations! Probably one of (if not the) best DDR clone for calcs. Enjoy and have fun!

Download the File

Quake 3 on PocketPC

Quake 3 on PocketPC Seems like these guys were able to port Quake 3 Arena to Windows CE 4.2 for PocketPC’s. It doesn’t seem to run that fast, only 5 fps, but they said that they know how to make it faster and will be releasing faster versions. But it’s pretty cool that you can play online wirelessly on a PocketPC if you spent all your money to buy a PocketPC before the PSP came out. Otherwise, you should just buy a PSP. PSP does the same things but looks better, performs better and you can do pretty much anything you could do on a PocketPC on a PSP.