After the 8GB iPhone price was dropped from $599 to $399 just two months from the product launch, the return rate on the iPhone started to increase dramatically. Even Nokia went ahead and stuck it to early iPhone adopters and Apple with the Google Adwords ad below.

Nokia sticks it to Apple

Immediately, Apple annouced that if you bought an iPhone within the last 14 days you can receive the $200 difference. Well, you are allowed to return it and buy a new one for the new price. There might be a restocking fee. Some say they were able to get away with it even though it had been a month since they bought it.

Yesterday, Steve Jobs announced that you would receive a $100 credit for the Apple store for anyone with an iPhone. It’s an unprecedented move in the personal electronics market, especially from Apple. Personally, I think that the $200 should be an early adopter’s tax. I know this is a good thing for consumers but I’ve paid a lot of early adopter’s tax in the past and I’m bitter about it. Grrr.