So I finally bit the bullet and bought a Mac. I bought the entry level Mac, the Mac Mini Core Duo. I didn’t get the much faster iMac or the G5 Towers. I don’t plan to do all my work on it, especially since I can’t. When Apple moved over to Intel processors, not all software was rewritten for Intel. They have to run on Rosetta, which is going to be emulated and run much slower than it should. I think once that they do release Intel native software, it should run programs like Photoshop no problem. I don’t think I’ll really do much work on it. I hope to use it mainly as a media center computer that’s easy enough for my parents to use once in awhile. I do want to get acquainted with the Mac OS X interface. Once I get it in the mail in about a week, I will write more details about it. I just hope that i have enough will power to not get sucked into the Apple brand and hype associated with it that I start buying everything that Apple releases like a lot of people do.