Cory Doctorow posted on BoingBoing about this wasp that attacks roaches. It starts by stinging the brain so that the roach doesn’t try to defend itself. It doesn’t kill the bigger roach. It pretty much makes it a zombie. The wasp then uses the roach’s antennae to guide it into the wasp’s lair.

The wasp then lays eggs in the roach’s stomach(on the outside part). All while the roach is still alive. The eggs hatch and the larvae eats its way through to the inside of the roach.

This comes after seeing this horrible video where a praying mantis and a cute little mouse are put in a glass jar to fight it out. The video might have scarred me for life. It was a very long and bloody fight struggle. The praying mantis slowed chewed into the mouse’s eye and into the brain while holding the mouse’s body away with those hands. The mouse didn’t even want to fight. It was trying to climb out of the jar. I don’t know if I should provide the link. I don’t want others to feel that disgust towards the beavis and butthead that trapped them in the jar like that.

ok, ok. here is the link