All-in-One Card, or AIO Card, is a thin client on a credit card size flexible display much like the E-Paper or EInk. A thin client, like the Sun Ray, is basically a barebones computer with no storage and other hardware devices that connects to a server that stores and processes everything. This makes the computer you use very small and light as well as use less power.

The AIO would go even further and use this literally thin display as a thin client. This means a device that would make the iPod nano and PDA bulky and obsolete. You would have almost infinite storage (depending on your wallet) for mp3’s , movies, etc. You would have the full functionality of a desktop PC in a credit card size display.

The display would have touchscreen capabilities. Although, an on-screen keyboard wouldn’t be too easy to use. The dispplay uses very little power, so it is equipped with only a row of solar cells, much like the ones found on a calculator.

The card allows for other possibilities like a monitor, mouse and keyboard stations you can put your card into and have access to your server but on a more conventionaly display. Because it has GPS built-in, it can be used as a GPS navigation system. You could just drop the card in a designated slot.

This seems just like a prediction made by someone who works for Sun Microsystems or just familiar with Sun, but seeing that all the technology is out there, the possibility is very plausible. There is definite hurdles it must overcome to be widely accepted. The built-in antenna wouldn’t be powerful enough if it will be that small, not to mention that a huge majority of the world is a wifi deadspot. One definite positive it has going for it is that it would very cheap to make. The technology involved is widely available now and very cheap.