Instead of just assuming things and ranting on, I checked out the NBC catalog on iTunes. It turns out they’re not selling full episodes for $1.99 at all. It’s much worse than that. They’re selling popular sketches they’ve had in the past for $1.99, sketches that are only 4-5 minutes long. They’re also selling special shows like Conan’s 10th anniversary show on iTunes. I think when I looked at it there were only two full shows, no everyday shows. These special episodes are $10.99! I love Conan and that 10th anniversary show was awesome, but $9.99 for one show is just too much. Just keep in the commercials and distribute them as video podcasts. People do watch the commercials, not everyone fast forwards through the commercials.

Speaking of free shows, I found this MariposaHD. It’s the first internet show in HD. I haven’t watched it yet, I have to clean up some space on my hard drive for these huge files (2.1 GB for the 1080i and 1.3 GB for the 720p). I’m not sure what it’s about. There are some girls in bikinis, it’s filmed in South America and in High-Definition. I don’t need much more than that to watch it or recommend it.