Xbox 360 Circle Friday I went to DigitalLife at the Jacob Javits Center. I wasn’t sure what it was. I read that there was going to be keynotes from the consumer electronics industry leaders, so I thought it might be a non end-user type of deal. I also knew DigitalLife was a show hosted by Patrick Norton, who was a co-host on the Screensavers when G4TV was TechTV.

Norton and the rest of the cast from The Screensavers was pretty much kicked out when Comcast merged G4 and TechTV together and moved the set from San Fransisco to Los Angelos. Norton left before the move but a few other stayed, like Kevin Rose, Sarah Lane and Yoshi. Although the show got weird and they eventually changed it to the Kevin Pereira show…I mean Attack of the Show. I’m guessing they changed the name to “AOTS” to show that it’s a different show even though they keep pretty much the same format. I guess the main difference is that the show is no longer helpful. Even though the technical content of the Screensavers was the entertainment part of the show.

Anyway, back to DigitalLife. On the website for the show, they showed how there would be lots of celebrities and athletes. It was mostly a video game show so I guess celebrities and athletes had to be there to promote games. When I went, no one was there. I guess I went on an off day. I did manage to see a couple of people that made me feel star-struck. The Pac-Man and the giant robot.

I also got to see some demos of the Xbox 360 in person. I think the graphics are impressive from what they show. People have been critical, but as long as everything was rendered real-time, it’s leaps and bounds above regular Xbox graphics.