At first, I read about the debate between scientists arguing to existance of Greeen House Effect. I don’t think I’ve really heard an explanantions for the icebergs in the Artic Circle melting from the scientists opposing the existence of the Green House Effect. Then I’ve read about the indirect but clear connection between those scientists and big oil companies.

Synthetic Trees So now that I’ve convinced you that the Green House Effect does exist, here is a possible help to cleaning up our planet that maybe big oil could get behind once they admit they’ve been making some unethical scientists money. They’re synthetic trees that does exactly what regular trees to when, thru photosynthesis, draw carbon dioxide and retain the carbon and release oxygen.

He predicts that one synthetic tree could remove 90,000 tonnes of CO2 in a year – the emissions equivalent of 15,000 cars.

“You can be a thousand times better than a living tree,” he said.

…Dr Lackner predicts that the biggest expense would be in recycling the absorber material.

Dr Lackner from Columbia University showed off his idea at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Denver, Colorado.He pretty much just showed a drawing of it, probably drawn on a napkin with lipstick and he already showed it last year but got overshadowed by one of his students.