GanttProject is a great open source project management tool. I was looking at it for a timecard program but it’s overkill after looking at it. There are a lot of features. Way more than any of its competitors. Think of it this way, competitors are like G.I.Joe’s, not the old 2 feet tall ones but the little ones. Sure they can bend their elbows and twist their waists, but Gantt can bend and twist not only their wrists and feet but also every finger and toe.

The name Gantt does remind me of this anime series I finished last week called Gantz. I would have to admit that it is an extreme anime. I was shock or surprised at a lot of things. Mostly because anime have a ridiculously different pace than anything made in the U.S.

The thing with anime I download is that I don’t read any reviews or talk to other people who watch anime. I pretty much pick a production studio I like and watch other things they’ve done. I saw that Gonzo was involved with Gantz and I downloaded it. The problem that came up for me is that most production companies do not make anime for one genre or one age group. Other series I’ve seen from that Gonzo was invloved in (Last Exile, Burst Angel, Samuari 7) were sometimes violent but not graphic like Gantz. I was surprised to see the main character and his childhood friend get their heads decapitated in the first episode.