This giant finding is different from the giant ape they call King Kong or the carnivorous sea dinosaur they called Godzilla. This certainly is a giant compared to its descendents of today. The Emporer Scorpion of today gets as big as 8 inches but this 330 million year old scorpion is presumed to be 5.2 feet long! They even have a scientific name, Hibbertopterus, not a movie monster name.

Unfortunately, they believe that it didn’t have huge pincers or a stinger tail that stayed up in the air. They weren’t even aggressive predators. They’re said to have eaten small water bugs and animals. The discover came about when they found a 20 feet track along a beach. This animal lived in the water and they think that it was moving between bodies of water. It’s kind of disappointing that if I lived 330 million years ago I didn’t have to fight these monsters to save my life and the lives of the people who believe that I am a god with my Samsung MM-A900 so that I would be known as the Scorpion King.