Google World DominationBelow is a link to an interesting article about how Google can take over the world. They talk about how Google has been quietly buying all these unused fiber-optic cables across the country from wholesalers like AboveNet. This way Google can set up their own telecom company. They would bypass going from their servers to wholesaler to ISP’s like Comcast, Verizon, etc. Going through these would cost Google $60 per megabit and of course they have a lot of traffic. This would go up when the new bandwidth-heavy services that they have planned. So basically Google wants to be their own ISP and not have to pay traffic fees. Saving that money would justify buying all those miles and miles of cables.

They would get their connection out there by covering major cities with free Wi-Fi connection. They’ve shown that they definitely have an interest in Wi-Fi when they sponsored putting up free Wi-Fi access in San Francisco. The company that set up this Wi-Fi system is called Feeva. They have a proprietary technology that can track the exact location of the everyone using their Wi-Fi connection. This is something that MSN have promised with their version of Google Maps.

If Google can locate where you are, they can put advertisements for local businesses near YOU. It’s one step below the technology seen in Minority Report when Tom Cruise walks into the mall and all the advertisements recognized who he was and advertised for his character (another Minority Report example).

Link to the article Here