I was flipping through the channel and came across this movie on IFC. It’s about a boy born on the luxury cruise ship in the year 1900. Everyone calls him 1900 because of that. The story was very interesting. 1900 is born on the ship and hasn’t left the ship. He is also a very good piano player. He has piano duels with some guy that claims that he invented jazz. He learns from the different people from different countries boarding the ship. He hangs with the first class and the stowaways. One day he meets a girl and almost leaves the ship to go after her. But ultimately stays on the ship until the end, when they blow up the ship even though he wouldn’t leave.

You see, his reasoning for not leaving the ship is that he feels like his world is in his control. He feels safe on the ship. He doesn’t think he can handle being on land. He can handle a ship of 20,000 people but not one with millions. He is afraid that he will just be a part of the world, being boring, blah, blah, blah. Whatever. But I just didn’t realize why he couldn’t go on land for awhile and go on a different ship. He has enough talent that he can go very far in the world, make lots of money, get famous, get any girl, etc., but if he wants to settle for being a piano player on a cruise ship, he doesn’t have to die just because the ship he’s on is gonna get blown up.

Even with me telling you the ending, and my complains about it, I would still recommend the movie for a Netflix rental. Tim Roth (1900) and Pruitt Taylor Vince (Max) are very good in it. It’s a nice little story. It’s not for everyone. It’s not paced like a hollywood movie. It’s a (foreign/)independent movie, it just has a style most people aren’t used to. The piano duel was one of the best scenes in the movie.