I haven’t spend a lot of time with this phone. Last night, I went to my friend’s house to get a haircut because he cuts my hair and my sister went to her friend who works at the Sprint Store to get phones. Sprint family plan and unlimited internet access seem the cheapest so I definitely wanted Sprint service. I told her to get the cheapest Bluetooth phone they had. She put her friend on the phone and he convinced me out of the “cheap” $70 phone and told me to get the next one up which was the $200. I got home and just went to sleep.

In the morning, I was surprised to see that the phone was the Samsung MM-A900. It’s Sprint’s answer to the Motorola RAZR. It comes with the Sprint music store. They gave me 5 music downloads which is fast because Sprint uses the EV-DO which is like the latest wireless broadband. If I paid more I can get streaming TV. The best part is that I get 4 bars at my cubicle. Camera is decent. It’s 1.3 megapixels but the image quality is good. I’d rather have a good 1.3MP rather than mediocre 2.0MP. The picture of the Samsung was taken with my barbaric Motorola i860 paper cups with a string connecting the cups.