Well my main computer’s motherboard isn’t working correctly. It won’t power and spin the cpu fan anymore. First time I’ve seen this problem. I tried a different cpu fan just to see if it was the fan but I got the same result. I was running an overclocked Athlon64 3000+ CPU (I forget what my last stable setting was). I unoverclocked it to see, same result. So I had to get the credit card involved.

Instead of replacing my motherboard, I decided to get a whole new computer. If I’m going to replace a computer part, I mind as well upgrade while I’m at it. I’m kinda upset since I really liked the motherboard, it had everything I could ask for in a motherboard.

I then decided that I should get a brand name computer with a warranty since something like this would’ve been covered. The motherboard warranty only covered it for 90 days. So I got a Dell. Specifically, I got a Dimension 9200. It has a Core 2 Duo 2.13 processor and nothing else really. I wanted just a barebones computer and use my current parts.

I’m not sure why I’m posting. I guess I’m excited about my purchase and I posted last time I bought a new computer.