So my desktop died and I had to get a new computer. I’ve been planning to buy one eventually but I wanted to save up and buy it cash. But I needed something to work on until I can get parts to fix my computer.

So this is what I chose. The Toshiba Satellite M55-S135. This is my second Toshiba laptop. The other was a monster desktop replacement that had a desktop Pentium 4 processor that sucked up battery life, generated a lot of lap-burning heat and was really slow for what it did. Despite my poor decision to buy a Toshiba laptop, I bought this one. This one at least has a Mobile processor so it means it’s actually designed to work in a laptop. Unfortunately, it’s a Celeron. I would’ve liked to have bought a Centrino but this is all I could afford.

Some highlights of this laptop includes a dual-layer DVD burner, built-in wifi 802.11b/g, 80 GB HDD and Toshiba display which I consider one of the better ones out there. So far I’m satisfied with it. Zipping files up take longer than I expected with no other programs running and minimal processes running. Overall, I’m happy with the purchase. It has a lot of features and I like features.