I got a new TV on Friday. It’s Sony’s SXRD rear projection TV. I went to CompUSA that was closing on a whim. I wanted to go and see what was left, maybe pick up a good deal on a TV to replace the one I sold. When I went there, I became very excited. They had a row of really awesome TV’s at really low prices. They were all at 60% off and 1080p. Mine happened to be even lower than that. These were all display models so I was scared that the bulb life has been worn down or the TV might not work at all. When I got it home and plugged it in, I got very excited, again.

Sony TV division is the only part of Sony I like. They just make good quality TV’s. It’s not their Bravia line but the WEGA video processor works really well. I’ve never seen this before but the TV has a sensor on the screen that detects sunlight and adjusts the picture accordingly. I’m guessing it brings the brightness or the gamma levels up.