PandoraPandora launched a mobile version of their streaming music service to Sprint phone users. Pandora is “radio from the Music Genome Project” where people working on the project has linked certain songs and artists to similar songs and artists. The linking is very good. Once I enter an artist I like, I instantly get a song from another artist, that I’ve never heard of before but immediately fall in love with, next on the playlist. It is a great, FREE service for finding new music. Of course they also offer ways to purchase music.

Anyway, they launched Pandora to Go for Sprint users. I happen to be a Sprint user and downloaded the trial version. It works seamlessly. It’s just like going to their website. With that being said, I don’t know when I would ever use it. When I walk around, I usually listen to my iPod or not listen to anything. If I did find a song/artist I like, what can I do, I’m certainly not going to go to Sprint Music Store and buy a heavily compressed and proprietary version of the song for $3-4 which I can only listen to on my phone.

Pandora to Go’s a great service and the execution is perfect, there’s just no need or want for it.