My New Car: 2004 Audi S4 Avant

2004 Audi S4 Avant

Last Wednesday, I traded in my 2001 Audi TT Roadster for a 2004 Audi S4 Avant. I did this out of the blue. It was partly an impulse buy. A lot of people question the purchase. The most popular question I get is why I went from a 2-seater compact roadster to a wagon. To that, I point to what’s under the hood. The 340hp 4.2 V8 just begs me to drive the car to its limits. While the TorSen based all-wheel drive system helps to keep me from going over the limit. It’s more of a lifestyle change as I am a maniac on the road.

Oh and post 200!


070225-00 Last night my mom was in an accident. Someone coming down a hill started spinning and hit my mom who had stopped at this point but didn’t have anywhere to go. She is fine. Nothing is broken. The 4Runner held up pretty well inside.