For Christmas, I got my mom a Roomba. Roomba is a robot that goes around vacuuming the house. It came in the mail today. My parents asked what it was and I told them that it’s mom’s present. She wanted me to open the Amazon box, so I did. Then my parents asked me what it was. So I took it out of the Roomba box. Then they asked me what it was. So I plugged it in to charge a little. After that, I unplugged it and pushed the clean button. Then Bagel got scared and hid behind the couch. Then my parents had to leave because they were on their way out anyway.

So I charged it more and let it do its thing. It’s loud but it’s a vacuum. I’m pretty sure there are quieter ones but the regular vacuums we have are just as loud. So that’s not a problem. If you have rugs, this doesn’t work well. It’s so low that it bumps into our rug edges and figures it’s a wall. It also tends to get caught up on power wires. It starts vacuuming the wire and gets stuck.

I does do a good job navigating around walls and edges. It rides the edge of the room great. The vacuuming part worked well, too. I thought the vacuuming part would get overshadowed by the robot part that navigates around the room. That is not the case. It works great. It picks up Bagel hair no problem. It has a feature where it can spot a dirty area and keep circling until you have to step in and tell it that the stain has had enough. I think it may be bipolar.

After the incident, it moved on to the living room and went under the couch. It kept very quiet for 4-5 minutes until it finally came out and went over to its charge station. It’s been there ever since. Charging, while glowing his aber light. Indicating that it’s not fully charged because it’s not a solid green.

Anyway, I don’t think Roombas are the replacement for our vacuum cleaners. It needs be quieter and be more efficient in rooms with a lot of obstacles like plant pots and rugs. It got confused and got stuck between two pots. It did pick up a lot of leaves left by the plants. I think if you set up your room a little for the Roomba, it’ll work great.