Sutree Video Tutorial Social Website Sutree is a video website where you can watch and upload videos. The videos get rated and commented on like any other streaming video website. This website stands out from the rest that the videos are only tutorials. People can upload a video about something that they know how to do. Thiswould be great for the MAKE and ReadyMade audience. This seems like a really good idea.

Of course, you can only make so many youtube clones until you put a clock in it (i.e. Revver, Metacafe) or make a niche version (i.e. Pornotube), so it’s not an original idea. But I like where Sutree is going with their site. Though eventually, someone will post a tutorial about sex positions, they’ll have to add an over 18 disclaimer and it will eventually become Pornotube. It always happens. Pornotube.