Golf GTi Forever

I’m just posting this because I really liked this commercial. It’s true how people who own Golf/GTi’s loves them. 90% of the people I know who owns/owned a GTi has also owned/owns an older Golf/GTi. I wanted an older one when I had my MK4(1999-2005) GTi. I’m guessing that most people view the older MK1 (1975-1984) and MK2 (1985-1992) GTi’s as an ugly car because the design is so dated and it’s boxy. Once you owned one or owned a later GTi, you just get to appreciate its styling and the car that it is. It’s a very straighforward and simple car with a great chassis meaning that it’s easy to work on and fun to drive.


I hate Bertolli. Putting small Italian-themed restaurant businesses out of business. It’s just not fair. Bertolli the big multinational corporation with already deep pockets just want more money at the expense of hopeful young Italian immigrants that just came off the boat.