New Computer: Dell Dimension 9000

Well my main computer’s motherboard isn’t working correctly. It won’t power and spin the cpu fan anymore. First time I’ve seen this problem. I tried a different cpu fan just to see if it was the fan but I got the same result. I was running an overclocked Athlon64 3000+ CPU (I forget what my last stable setting was). I unoverclocked it to see, same result. So I had to get the credit card involved.

Instead of replacing my motherboard, I decided to get a whole new computer. If I’m going to replace a computer part, I mind as well upgrade while I’m at it. I’m kinda upset since I really liked the motherboard, it had everything I could ask for in a motherboard.

I then decided that I should get a brand name computer with a warranty since something like this would’ve been covered. The motherboard warranty only covered it for 90 days. So I got a Dell. Specifically, I got a Dimension 9200. It has a Core 2 Duo 2.13 processor and nothing else really. I wanted just a barebones computer and use my current parts.

I’m not sure why I’m posting. I guess I’m excited about my purchase and I posted last time I bought a new computer.

Apple Intel Mac Mini

So I finally bit the bullet and bought a Mac. I bought the entry level Mac, the Mac Mini Core Duo. I didn’t get the much faster iMac or the G5 Towers. I don’t plan to do all my work on it, especially since I can’t. When Apple moved over to Intel processors, not all software was rewritten for Intel. They have to run on Rosetta, which is going to be emulated and run much slower than it should. I think once that they do release Intel native software, it should run programs like Photoshop no problem. I don’t think I’ll really do much work on it. I hope to use it mainly as a media center computer that’s easy enough for my parents to use once in awhile. I do want to get acquainted with the Mac OS X interface. Once I get it in the mail in about a week, I will write more details about it. I just hope that i have enough will power to not get sucked into the Apple brand and hype associated with it that I start buying everything that Apple releases like a lot of people do.

Quake 3 on PocketPC

Quake 3 on PocketPC Seems like these guys were able to port Quake 3 Arena to Windows CE 4.2 for PocketPC’s. It doesn’t seem to run that fast, only 5 fps, but they said that they know how to make it faster and will be releasing faster versions. But it’s pretty cool that you can play online wirelessly on a PocketPC if you spent all your money to buy a PocketPC before the PSP came out. Otherwise, you should just buy a PSP. PSP does the same things but looks better, performs better and you can do pretty much anything you could do on a PocketPC on a PSP.

New Laptop

So my desktop died and I had to get a new computer. I’ve been planning to buy one eventually but I wanted to save up and buy it cash. But I needed something to work on until I can get parts to fix my computer.

So this is what I chose. The Toshiba Satellite M55-S135. This is my second Toshiba laptop. The other was a monster desktop replacement that had a desktop Pentium 4 processor that sucked up battery life, generated a lot of lap-burning heat and was really slow for what it did. Despite my poor decision to buy a Toshiba laptop, I bought this one. This one at least has a Mobile processor so it means it’s actually designed to work in a laptop. Unfortunately, it’s a Celeron. I would’ve liked to have bought a Centrino but this is all I could afford.

Some highlights of this laptop includes a dual-layer DVD burner, built-in wifi 802.11b/g, 80 GB HDD and Toshiba display which I consider one of the better ones out there. So far I’m satisfied with it. Zipping files up take longer than I expected with no other programs running and minimal processes running. Overall, I’m happy with the purchase. It has a lot of features and I like features.