Two Things You’ll Need In Life

Two Things You'll Need In Life

First one is the product on the left. They call it the SteakHouse Grill. It’s pretty much a steak toaster. You put your steak into the middle and the electric grill heats it from the sides. The fat grease drip to the bottom which also reduces smoke. It’s $199, so why don’t you have it yet? Oh yeah, I can’t find a way to buy it.

Second (to the right), is a Tetris ice block manufacturer. It’s a concept design that they named “Tetrice.” It’s an ice tray with Tetris block shapes so you can play Tetris as long as ice doesn’t melt. So, this is great for when you’re outside in below freezing temperatures and you got nothing to do.

Tempo Trash Can

Tempo External Storage

Tempo is a conceptual design of an external hard drive that also serves to protect users from accidentally deleting files. It lights up red when something has been deleted. This looks pretty cool but I don’t know how they’ll fit a 250 GB hard drive into that shape and size.