Making Barcodes Not Boring

Making Barcodes Not Boring

Japanese package designers decided to take the boring barcodes and add designs around them. You forget that the barcodes are there at all. Also on the link, there are examples of other barcode-related designs, even a building with a barcode as the fascade.

Redesigned My Portfolio Site:

Backfrog Portfolio Redesigned

I’ve redesigned my portfolio website. I was able to do this in a couple of days. There are still a few things I need to add like my personal works section. I may add a blog about CSS and Photoshop techniques and/or SEO, usability, accessibility and user experience tips. In the future, I will divide Sung’s Blog into different sections or branch off to multiple blogs so that innovative furniture designs aren’t mixed in with fart videos.

Tempo Trash Can

Tempo External Storage

Tempo is a conceptual design of an external hard drive that also serves to protect users from accidentally deleting files. It lights up red when something has been deleted. This looks pretty cool but I don’t know how they’ll fit a 250 GB hard drive into that shape and size.

Awesome DAP (Digital Audio Player)

Awesome DAP

This looks like just a concept but a designer named Yong-Seong Kim designed this DAP that unfolds to play CDs and MP3 CDs. It looks cool but not very functional as you can’t just put it in your pocket or backpack when playing a CD. What it would be good for is if you go someplace to sit down and there’s CDs around like a library. Although it would be weird to just listen to a CD at the library without taking it home and ripping it to your computer.