Two Things You’ll Need In Life

Two Things You'll Need In Life

First one is the product on the left. They call it the SteakHouse Grill. It’s pretty much a steak toaster. You put your steak into the middle and the electric grill heats it from the sides. The fat grease drip to the bottom which also reduces smoke. It’s $199, so why don’t you have it yet? Oh yeah, I can’t find a way to buy it.

Second (to the right), is a Tetris ice block manufacturer. It’s a concept design that they named “Tetrice.” It’s an ice tray with Tetris block shapes so you can play Tetris as long as ice doesn’t melt. So, this is great for when you’re outside in below freezing temperatures and you got nothing to do.

Cutlery Pen Caps

Cutlery Pen Caps

Designed by Andrea Cingoli, Paolo Emilio Bellisario, Cristian Cellini and Francesca Fontana. These pen caps can serve as a cutlery.

Turn your favourite office tool from your desk in a common cutlery…this is din-ink. A set of pen caps, including a fork-cap, a knife-cap and a spoon-cap, that replaces the normal pen cap during lunch time! All caps are made by annually renewable resources, like natural starch and fibres, to be 100% biodegradable and atoxic, warranting the best alimentary use. Dispensing each set in a compostable packaging the whole set is designed to respect the environment. Now give your office ballpoint pen a good excuse to be gnawed by your teeth: use them for din-ink.