Fine Art Sweatshop

Apparently there’s a sweatshop in China that recreates paintings by famous painters. The good thing is that the paintings aren’t sold as a counterfeit copy of the real thing but just as a recreation of the original. This is much better than a print copy as you can actually feel the textures of the paint and see the brush strokes that the painters decided on.

The company that makes the reproductions states that they have 622 galleries with over 5,000 artists working there and not all work are reproductions. Some are originals.

I can’t imagine what the community is like over there. I guessing that it’s like when I was in art school but with 50 times more people and everyone is Chinese.

Study Shows Philadelphia Sucks

Ugly Philadelphia

I love It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia but I didn’t think people in Philadelphia was really like that. A Travel & Leisure magazine and CNN Headline News survey found that Philadelphians are the least stylish, least active, least friendly and least worldly. Beating out Washington DC and Dallas/Fort Worth for the honors.

Farley (senior editor at pointed out the results…mean people in Philadelphia are ugly or the city is a bad place to visit.

Okay the “…” replaces “don’t”. But who cares Philadelphia sucks. Especially the way they played .500 ball at the end of the season, forcing the Mets to make the greatest collapse in sports history.

Smart Nail Guide

Smart Nail Guide

Michael Harris designed this concept idea for a nail assist. It helps to strike the nail with a bigger metal area at the top. It also helps you strike the nail down straight. The third benefit is the protection to your fingers. If you still hit your fingers even with this device, you do not have the sense of touch and sight.