Awesome DAP (Digital Audio Player)

Awesome DAP

This looks like just a concept but a designer named Yong-Seong Kim designed this DAP that unfolds to play CDs and MP3 CDs. It looks cool but not very functional as you can’t just put it in your pocket or backpack when playing a CD. What it would be good for is if you go someplace to sit down and there’s CDs around like a library. Although it would be weird to just listen to a CD at the library without taking it home and ripping it to your computer.

Dane Cook Steals

Here are some clips that sets out to prove that Dane Cook stole jokes from Louis CK.


He did steal the general joke but I think he made it kinda his joke with the delivery. But it looks like the blogoshpere has turned on him now.

Music Locker

Michael Robertson intended to start this service when he founded but RIAA shut it down and the domain was bought out by is Robertson’s vision clarified. It’s not really intended to share mp3 files, it’s more like a remote mp3 storage. is basically a service where you send your mp3’s to a remote server and you can access it anywhere through any computer with an internet connection.

I have yet to try it but it seems like a cool service. It’s not only compatible with mp3 files but also MP4, M4A, M4P, AAC, WMA, OGG, AIF, AIFF and MIDI files. It is said to work with iTunes. I think you stream your music. Storage for the free service is unclear but if you pay for the $39.95 a year premium service, you get unlimited storage so you can put all your music in the mp3 locker (good way to back up your music collection). Another difference between the free and premium is the streaming bitrate. It’s 56k for the free and 192k for the premium. You can buy music from this site as well and the interface is pretty much the same UI as iTunes music store.