Rest In Peace James Kim

James Kim was father of Sabine and Penelope and husband to Kati. He was an analyst on the now defunct cable TV station TechTV and later a editor for CNet. When I first heard the story that his family was missing, I didn’t think much of it. I thought that there might have been some miscommunications.

When Kati and the two daughters were rescued, I realized that this was a big deal. There were more stories about how they got stuck in the snowstorm, they ran the heat in the car until the gas ran out, they burned the tires to stay warm, and Kati had to breastfeed the children. They survived for 9 days until Kati, Penelope and Sabine were rescued by a helicopter that was hired by the Kim family. By this time James had gone out looking for help.

After several days, James felt that they could not wait any longer for help. They had little food and water, and there no longer was anything to burn to stay warm. He had to do something or else his family would freeze and starve to death. He went out there with a few articles of clothing to use and trail markers so that if he did find some help or needed to go back, he could find the way. Because of his resourcefulness and strong will to save his family, he was able to survive 3 more days in the freezing wilderness.

I’m not sure why I was so sad when I read that he was found deceased. There are tragedies that happen everyday. Maybe it’s because he was on TV and he’s a celebrity in my mind. Maybe it’s because he’s also Korean. Maybe it’s because he has a beautiful family and a great job, and it’s a life that I’ve always wanted. All I know is that he was a loving husband and father and a courageous man.

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CNet also made a playlist of videos featuring James here.

You can also go to their family website and donate here.

SuicideGirls – SCar

I love SuicideGirls Radio podcasts. Missy and Bee are so cute! The show is on 12-2 A.M. Pacific time, on Sunday nights on Indie 103.1, so I can only depend on the podcasts. They just released the podcasts yesterday for the past two shows. I had to wait two weeks for them, so it made them worthwhile to listen to them.

SuicideGirls is a website founded by Missy Suicide, one of the co-hosts on the show. The website is kinda like Alternative Playboy. There are hundreds of themed photo sets of girls. The photo sets aren’t hardcore or anything but they are nude. The girls also have tours where the girls perform on stage like an old-time burlesque show.

The SGRadio show covers mainly on relationship topics. bEe and Missy talk about their lives, news (bEe especially like news from the JAMA) and they have guests, Dave Navarro being the latest one. They give advice to people calling in. bEe is deceptively cunning when giving serious advice. She’s good at calling people out when they’re being jerks on radio, drunk or “proper.” They play good music in between the talking. I usually have 50% of the music they play and the other 50% I like and go get it after hearing. Another highlight of the show is Manko. Manko is so awesome, although the name reminds me of the Chris Kattan character on SNL, Mango. Despite the unfortunate name, Manko is really fun to listen to. You know you’re good when a caller after the Manko segment got really uncomfortable and wasn’t sure if she should ask her question to bEe and Missy.

Well anyway, while listening to the latest podcasts, I got the inspiration to make little summary comic strip of every show. Above is a sample of what this project will look like. It will have more frames and maybe highlight more of the funny and cute things they say on the show. Oh, and bEe sure to subscribe to the podcasts.