I can’t believe that I missed this site for so long. is a streaming video site just for commercials. I always thought it was a great idea to have a youtube just for commercials. Everyone wins as visitors get to see that commercial everyone is talking about without watching every channel on TV for 24 hour a day trying to catch it naturally and the advertiser get extra free promotion. You also get to see ads not for your region and even your country.

MizPee – Where’s the Bathroom?

MizPee - Where's the Bathroom? MizPee is a website that helps you find public bathrooms in your area. This site is in its Beta phase so there aren’t many listings. Of course when you have to go, you won’t have time to find a computer with internet access, so this website is mostly a mobile service. You goto their website and you can navigate to city and it’ll show you a listing of public bathrooms. Again, not very accurate but should be much better once it grows.

For me, it’s still easier to go into a store and ask to use the bathroom. It did give me ideas for a website or two.

Nazi US Navy

Nazi US Navy Base

I guess we didn’t win after all. This is a building in US Navy’s Coronado, California Naval Amphibious Base. Here is the Wikipedia entry for it.

A draft study conducted by the National Register of Historic Places noted that the shape of the six-building complex was simply an oversight that went undetected during the Navy’s approval process.

iPod Directions

iPod Directions This is a late post. I found about this awhile ago and thought it was blog-worthy but forgot to add it.

You basically enter a starting address and a destination, click the second button, and the website will give you a zip file of images files. The image files are alternately a map image and text direction. If you have an iPod Photo, Ipod nano or the new iPod, you upload the image files and you can scroll through the image as directions. It’s really easy to use and it’s free!