NewsVine Invites

NewsVine is another Web 2.0 website. They give you news and the ability to blog the news in a different way then other websites. It’s started by Mike Davidson with some other people that he worked with at ESPN and Disney. I’ve been following Mike’s blog ever since I found a good article about CSS, I forgot what it was, I guess it wasn’t that great. But I does very good work like the ESPN website layout. The previous one, not the current one. He blogged about how he quit his job at ESPN/Disney and was going to work on some big project. I hope he does well with NewsVine, after leaving the comfy job at a big, successful corporation.

Leo Laporte and Amber MacArthur have been talking about it on their podcasts. I don’t know why I listen to all of them podcasts. They talk about the same things on all of them. I just wish There’s more SuicideGirls radio shows. Last one was very good, BTW. Anyway, I just got accepted to NewsVine, which is in Beta. If anyone wants one and don’t want to wait to get accepted, post in the comments with your email or if you don’t feel secure about that, email me at sungchoi [at]

Peerflix: No DVD Rentals! Trade Your DVDs

Peerflix is a service where you trade DVDs. Instead of warehouses full of DVDs like Netflix and rent those DVDs out, Peerflix is based on its member’s DVD collection. You send whatever DVD you want to send away for one that another member sent to Peerflix. It’s not a direct member-to-member trades either. It goes to Peerflix and they check the condition to see whether or not it usable. You can’t send in copies of your DVDs. You do have to pay for shipping your DVD, but you only send the DVD without the case so it’s as much as regular mail.