Local News Website I’ve had this idea before but didn’t do anything about it. has a Google map that has different pins for news stories from your area.

When you initially open the site, it detects your IP address but there is a search bar in the header. Apparently, it finds the location of the story through clues in the news article like addresses and road names. I thought it came out surprisingly accurate, which doesn’t mean it’s always dead on. Some locations, I don’t know how it knew where it was. There was nothing in the article about where the story took place.

Once you click on an article, it takes you to a page just for that story where you have options like moving the location if it’s wrong on the map, comment on the story or recommend it. I can’t believe that I missed this site for so long. is a streaming video site just for commercials. I always thought it was a great idea to have a youtube just for commercials. Everyone wins as visitors get to see that commercial everyone is talking about without watching every channel on TV for 24 hour a day trying to catch it naturally and the advertiser get extra free promotion. You also get to see ads not for your region and even your country.

Thumbalizr – Website Thumbnail Creator

Thumbalizr Thumbalizr is a simple site offering a simple service. You enter in a URL and it produces a thumbnail. You can also choose what size thumbnail you’d like it to create. Thumbnail is a little misleading because it’s really creating a screenshot of just the website. It’s actually a great tool to “quickly” create a screenshot of a website without doing a print screen, pasting it into Paint or Photoshop, cropping out everything outside of the browser window, exporting the image and uploading it to a server. It comes in very handy for bloggers on the go that might only have access to a web browser.

The only downside is that like most screen capture websites, it’s pretty slow. I’m sure most people can take the long road in the same amount of time thumbalizr takes to create a thumbnail.

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