I bought this DVD over the super-weekend and watched it as soon as I got home. I don’t know why I watched it right away. I don’t know why I was excited to watch it. I didn’t know much about it. When I first saw the trailer for it on Xbox Live Marketplace, I thought it was a Disney movie. It just showed 6 girls doing “Xtreme” “SportZ” stuff like climbing rocks and whitewater rafting, but something goes wrong in one of their adventures. I’ll try to describe the movie without giving too much away. They go into an unmapped cave because the alpha male of the group decides that the planned cave was a tourist trap. They end up climbing and crawling through very cramped crevices.

Ultimately, this movie is a claustrophoic’s and nyctophobic’s nightmares realized. There are other elements involved in the movie. There is a hint of an affair between the aforementioned alpha male character and the main character’s husband. If they alid it out in clearly somewhere in the movie, I missed it.

A lot of people also missed this movie when it was released. I had to explain it to everyone when I started talking about it in a conversation. I don’t know much about the movie. The production quality isn’t there. It obviously didn’t have much of a budget. It didn’t really need it, I think there were about 15-20 actors in the whole movie, maybe less. The recent trend of movies like this that doesn’t explain everything to you and didn’t cost a lot to pay for big name actors and special effects is one I’d like to see continuing in the future.