GPhone ConceptsHere is a post about the upcoming GPhone or Google Phone. There has been many “leaks” from Google employees that there will definitely be a Google Phone before the year is over, maybe as soon as next month. If it does come out, I think it’ll have a bigger impact on the mobile market than the iPhone. I’ve written about it before about all the features it will have.

It will supposedly run linux, which means open source, which means apps can be written for it in the future if it doesn’t come with the phone in the first place. The iPhone does not have this feature. There are only web apps for it. I don’t understand why they made a big deal about running OS X but not allow third-party applications.

I’m thinking something like a music player. Maybe the Google music player isn’t that great, someone might write an app that emulates iTunes and its coverflow. Of course it’ll be taken down by Apple for copyright infringement, but early adopters would still have it.

The post that I linked talks a lot about the built-in camera. He would like to see image stabilization support. Not many camera phones have image stabilization built-in and blurriness is a major problem with pictures taken with phones. I personally don’t think a camera is an issue. I would go without it if it’ll make the phone smaller, lighter and cheaper. Standalone cameras are becoming so small that it’s not cumbersome carrying a phone and a camera around. I would much rather have one device dedicated to doing one thing really well than one device that does them mediocral.

From the early rumors I’ve heard, the price was around $250 USD. If that’s the case, I think it prices itself like the Wii against the PS3, which in this case is the iPhone. I’m really pulling for the Google Phone on this one to prove to everyone that the iPhone is an overpriced, overhyped fossil tied down by its deal with one of the worst telecoms on Earth.