Voce: Premium Wireless Carrier The incredible tall Cory Doctorow posted about this on BoingBoing. It’s about this premium wireless carrier called Voce. They are targeting rich people but it’s not that ridiculously expensive. Their basic plan is $500 to buy one of their phones, which is unlocked and you’re not locked into a contract. Then it’s $200 a month after that. It seems like a lot but I know a lot of people are out there that go over on their plans and end up paying that much anyway.

Aside from the price, there is one feature that this carrier has that no one else has worth noting. They have a 24/7 personal assistance service included in their plan. You can call anytime and call your PA anything. The PA will research anything for you and give you detailed information on whatever you ask. One of the testimonials read that when asking about a certain model car and its competition, the PA gave a very detailed information on all of them and set up a test drive for the first car.

Cory also called Voce and noted that the person who, answered within two rings, knew what they were doing. Seriously, you don’t get that kind of service from any other carrier. You always go to an automated system where it asks you what language you speak. It’s definitely not for me since I don’t use the phone that much and I know everything but I know cellphone power users should definitely consider this carrier.